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Selling Plants

The Service

We at Azienda Agricola Colornese supply sativa light hemp plants from certified seed, indicated in the official list of seeds that can be cultivated in Italy and Europe, thanks to all-year-round indoor production using cutting-edge technologies.

Our experts are able to:

  • Help you choose the plant that is right for you
  • Recommend the most suitable genetics

Indoor Production

We are well aware of the importance of preserving a resource as important as water. We have therefore chosen to specialise in indoor growing using a hydroponic method with a rock wool substrate.

We work in strict compliance with GACP and GMP systems to ensure quality standards are met.

The technology

A perfect microclimate has been recreated in our growing room, equipped with state-of-the-art systems. The atmosphere is meticulously controlled to ensure perfect seed growth.

The light emitted by our latest-generation lamps is set to specific wavelengths.

The automated drip irrigation system permits a large number of plants per square meter to optimise space and reduce waste.

Our growing method entails the exclusive use of organic fertilisers and no pesticides.

Traceability System

All our plants are accompanied by a passport, in which we trace the entire path, from purchase of the seed to the moment of adoption, and a tag attesting to the use of certified seed.

In this way we are able to guarantee the utmost transparency to the grower who chooses us as a partner.


We can transport our products directly to your farm. We are able to transport plants in absolute security and safety thanks to our specially designed refrigerated truck with tail lift and security camera.


We have set aside a section of our indoor room for R&D activity, so that our chemists-geneticists can study and test any new seeds that come onto the market, guaranteeing you safe and quality products.

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