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Tailor-Made Advice

“We want to be your trusted partner and forge a lasting relationship”

We educate and train new hemp growers

We offer a consultancy service for farmers who want to make changes to the type of crops they are growing, and who see in hemp a new business opportunity.

Customised solutions

  1. Needs analysis, technical and operational assessment of the state of the land – geographic position, climate, seismic situation, typical weather conditions
  2. Identification of sativa light hemp seed and/or plant
  3. Feasibility study
  4. Creation of a tailor-made project to start up the business

The method

At every stage of the process – sowing, growth, preparation for cutting, harvesting, drying, cleaning – our experts will assist you first-hand.

Always by your side with ad hoc solutions

Diseases, parasites and infestations

Education and prevention to avoid any risk of mildew and fungi


Analysis of inflorescences to ensure the best yield and obtain a product that meets quality standards in terms of aroma, colour, and terpenes


We choose together the most suitable nourishment and fertiliser for every phase of plant growth


Preventive measurement and checking of water pH to ensure correct plant growth


Our team of agronomists and chemists will advise you on the type of Cannabis Sativa light seed most suitable for your soil

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Reduction of THC to within European legal limits.

Supply of plants at the most appropriate vegetative stage.